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Strategic Goods Movement Network


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This dataset contains polyline features representing the central lanes of Peel’s road network with Strategic Goods Movement Network (SGMN) designations as of April 2013. The Strategic Goods Movement Network is a systematic hierarchical truck route network throughout Peel. This network identifies primary and connector truck routes for safe and effective routing through the Region. This dataset includes the hierarchy information of roads designated as SGMN, and their SGMN classification.

Limitations in data: there is not a complete consistency in classification and definition of restrictions between the local municipalities. Therefore, this dataset might differ from similar datasets from the local municipalities of Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon.

The SGMN Study is available here: Strategic Goods Movement Network Study Technical Report (PDF).

Category: Transportation
Group Name: Transportation
Data Steward: Region of Peel, Public Works, Transportation, Transportation System Planning
Data Custodian: Transportation Division – Transportation System Planning
Data Currency Comments: Last update: April 2013
Frequency: As required, next update expected in 2020
Data Accuracy Comments: This dataset is based off of the Single Line Street Network (SLSN) dataset and has the same data accuracy issues: This network is not entirely complete, as it has not been tested for robustness.

The SLSN dataset is constantly being updated with new and modified data and may no longer match the data found within this dataset.
Attributes: road,roads,street,transportation,freight,Highways,regional road,centreline,trucks,SGMN hierarchy,road class,trucking,goods movement,strategic goods movement network,freeways
Geographic Coverage: Peel
Coordinate System: NAD 1983 UTM Zone 17N, Geographic coordinate system: GCS North American 1983
Further Information:

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