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Single Line Street Network (SLSN)


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This dataset is an Arc representation of the street network in the Region of Peel. Each street has associated attributes including address ranges, street name/type/direction.
This data is can be used for viewing, querying, map output, analysis and geocoding. Shows the distribution of road networks in Peel and their proximity to other transportation networks and cultural features. This dataset is not suitable as-is for network routing, some work needs to be performed for it to properly work.

For geocoding the following fields can be used:
* LFADD - Left From Address
* LTADD - Left To Address
* RFADD - Right From Address
* RTADD - Right To Address

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Category: Transportation
Group Name: Transportation
Data Steward: Region of Peel, Dept. of Digital and Information Services, Information Management Division
Data Custodian: Digital and Information Services, Information Management Division, Peel Data Centre
Data Currency Comments: Last Update: October 2019
Frequency: Biannual
Data Accuracy Comments: While the geographies of the street network are accurate to the publication date, attributes may not be (especially address ranges).
Attributes: streets,Name,Type,Municipality,Direction,Address Range,road,roads,street,transportation,freight,Avenues,Highways,major local road,minor local road,provincial freeway,provincial highway,ramp,regional road,transitway,centreline,highway
Geographic Coverage: Peel Region
Coordinate System: NAD 1983 UTM Zone 17N, Geographic coordinate system: GCS North American 1983
Further Information: Peel Data Centre

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