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This package contains the the locations of railway trackage located in the Region of Peel. Each line in the dataset represents the centreline of one set of tracks.

The trackage is divided into several track types:
  • Main - multi-track lines with heavy passenger and/or freight traffic
  • Crossover - Used to switch between tracks on a mainline
  • Branch - connect main lines, usually single tracked, lower quality, and lower speed limits
  • Siding - short length of track running parallel to the main/branch track that is used for passing or short/long term storage
  • Spurs - short lengths of track used by companies for access to the rail network
  • Yard - trackage operated by railway companies to marshal and store trains and cars
  • Light Rail - transit trackage that is on road or in its own right of way. This also includes the Pearson LINK Train, a cable car.
  • Construction - tracks that are currently under construction. These are less accurate representations than active tracks and should be used with care.
  • Disused - trackage that still physically exists but does not appear to be used for any type of service
  • Abandoned - physical tracks have been removed and therefore cannot be used at all (these were digitized for historical purposes)
More data:
Government of Canada Open Data Portal: National Railway Network

Category: Transportation
Group Name:
Data Steward: Region of Peel, Service Innovation, Information & Technology Department, Information Management Division
Data Custodian: Service Innovation, Information & Technology Department, Information Management Division, Peel Data Centre
Data Currency Comments: Last Update: January 2017
Frequency: Updated as needed
Data Accuracy Comments: Used for mapping purposes. Track types may not be correctly classified in comparison to official classification schemes. Track names and present and historical owners should not be considered correct or definitive. Track users and some track owner/operator information was provided by the GeoBase National Railway Network dataset (v1.0). Classification system and definitions follow those used by

Digitized at scales of 1:500 to 1:200 using 15cm orthoimagery (horizontal accuracy +/- 50cm).
Attributes: Name,Type,Municipality,Crossing,Owner,Historical,GO Corridor,transportation,railway,track,passenger,freight,rail,tourism,commute
Geographic Coverage: Peel Region
Coordinate System: NAD 1983 UTM Zone 17N, Geographic coordinate system: GCS North American 1983
Further Information: Peel Data Centre

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