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A point dataset of settlements, hamlets, and villages in Peel Region.

In numerous provinces in Canada, there are officially designated municipalities generally smaller than villages, classified as hamlets. A hamlet could be described as the rural or suburban equivalent of a neighbourhood in a city or village. The area of a hamlet may not be exactly defined and may simply be contained within the postal code of its post office, or may be defined by its school or fire district. Residents of a hamlet often identify themselves more closely with the hamlet than with the town. Some hamlets proximate to urban areas are sometimes continuous with their cities and appear to be neighbourhoods, but they still are under the jurisdiction of the town.

Within the Region, some hamlets and villages still exist as independent settlements, while others have been subsumed into the growing urban areas. There are also hamlets that have ceased to be a grouping of residential or commercial activity as services have moved to larger centres, so there is little remaining of the hamlet today.

Category: Regional Geography
Group Name:
Data Steward: Region of Peel, Service Innovation, Information & Technology Department, Information Management Division
Data Custodian: Service Innovation, Information & Technology Department, Information Management Division, Peel Data Centre
Data Currency Comments: Last update: April 2014
Frequency: None planned
Data Accuracy Comments: The point is placed at or near the historical intersection of the hamlet. Some points are offset from the intersection to facilitate better labelling (ex: Bolton's historical centre is at the intersection of King Street & Highway 50).
Attributes: Name,Type,town,village,rural service centre,history,historical,ghost town
Geographic Coverage: Peel Region
Coordinate System: NAD 1983 UTM Zone 17N, Geographic coordinate system: GCS North American 1983
Further Information: Peel Data Centre

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