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2016 Census - Dissemination Area


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A dissemination area is a "small area composed of one or more neighbouring dissemination blocks, with a population of 400 to 700 persons." It is the smallest unit that all Census data is released at. The files include the following Census data:
  • DAPOP16 - 2016 Census population
  • DATDWEL16 - total number of private dwellings in 2016
  • DAURDWELL16 - total dwellings occupied by regular occupants

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Category: Regional Geography
Group Name: 2016 Census
Data Steward: Statistics Canada
Data Custodian: Service Innovation, Information & Technology Department, Information Management Division, Peel Data Centre
Data Currency Comments: Last Update: February 2017
Frequency: None planned
Data Accuracy Comments:
Attributes: Population,Census,2016,dissemination area,dwelling,count
Geographic Coverage: Peel Region
Coordinate System: NAD 1983 UTM Zone 17N, Geographic coordinate system: GCS North American 1983
Further Information:

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