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Early Development Instrument (2015)


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The EDI is a teacher-completed instrument that measures children's school readiness for grade one on five domains:
  • Physical health and well-being;
  • Social knowledge and competence;
  • Emotional maturity;
  • Language and cognitive development; and
  • General knowledge and communication skills
Children who score below the 10th percentile in one or more EDI domains are considered to be vulnerable to not be able to meet the demands of school, which could impact their achievement of school success.

Early Development Instrument (EDI) Scores for 2014-2015 are grouped into Service Delivery Areas (2012).

More information: Notes:
  1. Records are aggregated to achieve anonymity.
  2. Vulnerable on one or more EDI Domain refers to children who score in the bottom 10th percentile on at least one out of the five EDI Domains. Vulnerability was calculated using the Ontario cycle two cut-points.
  3. Areas with less than 15 EDI cases were suppressed.

Category: Demographics
Group Name:
Data Steward: Human Services Department, Region of Peel
Data Custodian: Strategic Planning, Policy and Partnerships, Humans Services Department
Data Currency Comments: Last Update: December 2016; Revision: February 2018
Frequency: None planned
Data Accuracy Comments: Records are aggregated to achieve anonymity and Service Delivery Areas that have 15 or less responses are suppressed.

Source of Data: Peel EDI 2015. Data revision posted February 2018.
Geographic Coverage: Peel Region
Coordinate System:
Further Information:

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