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Building Permits 2003-2012


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Building permit data can be used as an early measure of development activity. Developers must get a building permit before any significant amount of work on a structure can begin. While most building permits lead to building construction, a small amount of planned construction never takes place.

This Tabular data set includes the total number of residential units created from building permits issued and the monetary value of the building permits issued within Peel, Area Municipalities and the GTA.

For data updated annually for 2013 to present, please use the Quarterly Building Permits file.

Category: Economic Activity
Group Name: Permits
Data Steward: Statistics Canada Building Permit Summaries
Data Custodian: Information Management Division - Service Innovation, Information & Technology
Data Currency Comments: Last update: 2012
Frequency: No updates planned
Data Accuracy Comments:
Attributes: Residential,Single Dwellings,Double Dwellings,Row Dwellings,Apartments,Industrial,Commercial,All Building Permits,Number of Units
Geographic Coverage: Peel Region, Area Municipalities, and the GTA
Coordinate System:
Further Information:

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