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Ward Profiles 2016 - Housing


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This data set includes detailed data on housing such as primary household maintainer age, age of construction, suitability, dwelling type, tenure, and number of rooms for Canada, Ontario, Peel, Area Municipalities, and Wards.

Note: Ward values are derived from a 25% sample of the population, which differs from the 100% sample available with standard Census releases. Therefore, ward totals may not add up to Peel and municipal totals found in other sources.

You can view the ward profiles for the 2018-2022 wards here.

Category: Demographics
Group Name: Census 2016
Data Steward: Statistics Canada, 2016 Census
Data Custodian: Digital & Information Services, Information Management, Peel Data Centre
Data Currency Comments: Data collected in 2016. Data by Ward reflects 2018-2022 Ward Boundaries.
Frequency: Update: None Planned
Data Accuracy Comments: Numbers may not add due to rounding. Data is collected every 5 years and released in subsequent years.
Geographic Coverage: Peel Region
Coordinate System:
Further Information:

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